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Who can Help with a SBA Offer in Compromise

Most people start their own business with the highest of hopes. Many times, to fund a new business, a person will receive a loan through the SBA (Small Business Administration). While these loans are administered through the SBA, they are often facilitated by individual lenders. However, if a small business taking out one of these loans was to encounter financial disaster, which causes the business close, there would likely be an issue with SBA loan default.

In many of these instances, lenders will try to close the books on a particular loan by something known as an SBA Offer in Compromise. This is an agreement between the lender and the borrower to repay a portion of the loan when full repayment isn't possible. The problem that many small businesses face is dealing with the SBA OIC claim form, as well as dealing with a less than a reputable lender. This is where attorneys may be helpful to the individual or business that initially took out the SBA loan.

Often, when the loan is in default, the business or the business owner will receive an SBA demand letter. This is where the offer in compromise process should begin. An attorney can help negotiate with the lender to achieve the best terms for the offer in compromise. What this does is cleans the slate and allows the owner to walk away from the loan having it settled and not having it existing on the owner's credit report.

However, SBA loan foreclosure can also provide an opportunity for an attorney to mitigate the default in a different manner. The fact is that there has been significant issues with predatory lending in the small business administration loan process. There are many lenders that have used improper tactics and submitted loans with less than equitable fees and interest rates. If a small business feels as if this is the case with their lender, an attorney can investigate this issue and can bring these issues before the Small Business Administration.

Whether it's a Tax Offset Program, a delicate negotiation for an offer in compromise or if it's uncovering predatory lending practices, having an SBA loan attorney is essential. While it's never fun to attend to things after a business idea has failed, this is one way to ensure that there are less financial repercussions after everything is said and done.

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