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Jury exonerates Mavs owner Cuban in his multi-year battle with the Federal Government

Mark Cuban won a years-long fight with the federal government agency, SEC, Wednesday when jurors said that the billionaire basketball team owner did not commit insider-trading when he sold his shares in an Internet company in 2004.

Cuban hugged his lawyers after the verdict, then called family members. During an impromptu news conference outside the courthouse, he angrily denounced the Federal Government – most notably, the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) and its lead trial attorney, Jan Folena, saying that they lied about the evidence and targeted him because of his fame. He said that defendants of lesser wealth could have been bullied.

The “no bully” policy cannot be overstated when it comes to the Federal Government.  They are intimidating, especially with their 3-letter acronym based agencies.  Popular polls and studies indicate that these 3-letter government agencies notably strike “fear” and “stress” in people’s minds – picture this – what would you think if you got a certified letter from the IRS, or a phone call from the FBI, the DOJ, the SEC?  So, for all of you federal non-tax debtors out there – what would your initial emotional reaction be if and when you receive an acceleration or demand letter from the SBA, or worse, a referral letter, a Treasury Offset Program (TOP) notice or Administrative Wage Garnishment (AWG) from the DOT (Department of Treasury) relating to an SBA debt?  My guess . . .your heart rate would go up . . .

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