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New SBA SOP Eases Loan Process for Franchisees

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The SBA historically has been a major cog in the lending to franchises. In the past the SBA required franchisees to qualify as a small business. Therefore, the franchisee could not be “affiliated” with the franchisor. The result was form over substance contracts that established no prohibited affiliation. Moreover, SBA offices were inconsistent in how each respective office interpreted the rule.

The SBA issued a new Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), 50 10 5(I), that provides a new process to apply a consistent rule of establishing non-affiliation. Instead, any presumption of affiliation can be defeated by offering a standardized SBA addendum to their franchise agreements.

However, the new SOP notes that “the applicant franchisee and the franchise system must meet all SBA eligibility requirements.” As such, individual SBA offices may continue to apply additional standards or requirements.

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