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What Opportunities Are Possible With An SBA Offer In Compromise?

Small business owners review possible outcomes when they are informed of an impending foreclosure. This legal action allows their lender to take possession of their property. Once the lender acquires the property, it is sold to the highest bidder. This presents the borrower with the outstanding balance. However, an SBA Offer in Compromise may prevent these circumstances.

Preventing the Adverse Impact of Foreclosure

The adverse impact of the foreclosure starts with a negative listing on the owner's credit. Foreclosure prevents them from acquiring a more beneficial loan for a new business location. It also leads to an outstanding balance listed on all three credit reports. This leads to more difficulties for the business owner. The offer in compromise reduces the impact of foreclosure.

Understanding How Government Loans Work

An SBA loan foreclosure begins when the government lender issues the SBA demand letter. These loans are backed by the government and require the borrow to pay at specific value to settle the loan. This value is based on the percentage listed in the loan contract.

Avoiding Higher Expenses Due to Overdue Taxes

Tax liens present more issues and could lead to further seizure of assets. The attorney helps the business owner through a Tax Offset Program. The program provides the owner with a reduced value acquired through a settlement. The value is under fifty percent of the total value owed in most cases. Select circumstances may provide a payment plan for these tax requirements.

Maintaining the Right Start a New Venture in the Future

Owners that avoid traditional foreclosure eliminate credit issues. This helps them acquire further funding in the future when their venture becomes profitable. They may also start a new company in a new location after the settlement is paid in full. The attorney provides them with advice for restructuring their credit.

Small business owners avoid negative outcomes when they are facing foreclosure. Owners who acquire government-secured loans identify benefits of these programs through an attorney. This helps them to avoid severe damage to their credit. Small business owners who need help after an SBA loan default should contact an attorney to schedule a consultation now.

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