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SBA Loan Default: Fraud By The Original Seller Of The Small Business

As a responsible party (stemming from an SBA Note or SBA Unconditional Guarantee) for an SBA loan default or SBA debt that has been transferred to the Treasury’s Bureau of Fiscal Service, you may want to consider challenging your liability for the alleged debt by investigating whether the original seller of the small business that you purchased (through an SBA-guaranteed loan) may have engaged in fraud or misrepresentation in the sale and purchase of the subject small business based on inflated or fraudulent financials.

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Case in PointU.S. v. Rood

Todd E. Rood was the owner of Rood Machine & Engineering when he falsified documents in 2015 and 2016 to make his business look more attractive than it actually was. By altering his business’s bookkeeping records, Rood inflated its income by approximately $583,827 and lowered its liabilities by reclassifying them.

Rood, who pleaded guilty to SBA loan application fraud, admitted making false statements to the buyers’ bank in order to defraud the buyers and their financial institution – which was a participating SBA lender. The loss to the SBA lender and the small business buyers amounted to approximately $1,347,608.

Rood’s company was purchased for $2.05 million based on the fraudulent financial documents. A $1.74 million loan used to purchase the small business was guaranteed by the Small Business Administration (SBA).

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According to court documents, the buyers of Rood’s small business also undertook a "quick sale" of their home in order to buy Rood Machine & Engineering on the timetable set forth by Rood, who falsely claimed to have terminal colon cancer.  The buyers incurred a loss of $40,000 on their home as a result.

Under the terms of his plea agreement, Rood must pay the company's buyers $262,000 in restitution for their closing costs as well as a required cash infusion into the business.

Rood was sentenced to four years in a federal prison without parole. Rood also has been ordered by the federal court to pay $1,347,608 in restitution and a money judgment to the government of $1,207,979, which covers his profit from the sale.

To view a copy of Rood’s Plea Agreement, click here.

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