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SBA Loan Default: Frequently Asked Questions About Administrative Wage Garnishment

When you have an SBA loan default and the loan is referred to the Department of Treasury (DOT) for collection, one of the main tools used to collect is the administrative wage garnishment. The administrative wage garnishment only adds to your sba loan problems.

This video answers many frequently asked questions about the administrative wage garnishment.


The regulations allow personal guarantors to raise objections to garnishment concerning the existence, amount, or current enforceability of the debt, the rate of garnishment, and whether the personal guarantor has been continuously employed less than twelve months after involuntary separation from employment. The SBA has the burden of proving the existence and amount of a debt. Personal guarantors disputing the existence or amount must prove by a preponderance of the credible evidence that no debt exists, the amount is incorrect or the debt is not enforceable.

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