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SBA Loan Default: The Private Collection Agency

If you have defaulted on your SBA loan, a private collection agency may start contacting you to collect the SBA loan. Who and what are private collection agencies (PCAs)?

The Department of Treasury contracts with four private collection agencies, known by their common names: Performant, Pioneer Credit, CBE Group and Conserve. If you have been contacted by one of these four PCAs, your defaulted SBA loan has been referred to the Department of Treasury for collection who has contracted with one of the PCAs to collect for the Department of Treasury. The PCAs, of course, have a financial incentive to collect on the defaulted SBA loan.

The Claims Collection Act authorizes the Department of Treasury to contract with private collection agencies. However, the Department of Treasury must retain the authority to resolve disputes, compromise claims, end collection actions and refer claims to the Department of Justice.

The PCAs are bound by the Privacy Act and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and all other applicable federal and state laws and regulations relating to debt collection practices.

The PCAs are not only tasked with sending letters and making phone calls demanding payment, but they may also send notices of administrative wage garnishments. Therefore, any letters sent by a PCA should be opened and read immediately because if a notice of administrative wage garnishment is sent, you only have a short amount of time to file a request for hearing and challenge the administrative wage garnishment.

Furthermore, the Department of Treasury may use multiple PCAs to try to collect on the defaulted SBA loan; that is, by way of example, although Performant may have the first opportunity to collect, the debt may later be transferred to Pioneer for collection. As such, if a PCA contacted you regarding your SBA loan default, do not ignore the PCA, it is time to take action and deal with the debt.

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