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SBA Loan Default: Bad Times Ahead for SBA Lending?

We provide individuals who are facing an SBA loan default with solutions. We will analyze your SBA loan problems and advise you on potential solutions such as an SBA offer in compromise.

Dealing with the idea that you might be facing an SBA loan default can be terrifying. The SBA attorneys in our office are skilled at helping clients understand all the facets of their situation. We will advise you as to the potential for an SBA offer in compromise. You should never face your SBA loan problems alone. It is important to retain the services of an attorney who can help you through this difficult time in your life. Please contact us for a free initial consultation.

Chris Hurn has written an interesting piece on huffingtonpost.com predicting bad times ahead for the SBA 7(a) loan program. Read the full article here.

Hurn notes "You don't have to be a banking-school trained lender to understand the common sense rule of 'having skin in the game.' Get a real equity contribution from a small businessperson on their loan, and you can sleep better at night knowing your default risk has been mitigated some. Give them a pass because they spent more time in some ivory tower than you did, and don't be surprised if they walk away from your loan when the going gets tough."

Based on our firm's experience, Hurn's observations are not quite accurate. First and foremost, the reason this law firm exists is to primarily help people who signed a personal guarantee in support of their SBA backed loan. This means that as a personal guarantor, your wages, your Social Security, your tax returns and possibly your real estate is at risk if your small business defaults on its SBA loan. So in just about every case there is some "skin in the game". Secondly, most if not all small business owners go over and above to try to keep their businesses going including investing life savings and borrowing from family. Most borrowers aren't quick to give up the ship considering what they have invested and that the small business is their livelihood.

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We will analyze your SBA loan problems and advise you on potential solutions such as an SBA offer in compromise for your SBA loan default.

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