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SBA Loan Defaults and Franchises

We provide individuals who are facing an SBA loan default with solutions. We will analyze your SBA loan problems and advise you on potential solutions such as an SBA offer in compromise.

Dealing with the idea that you might be facing an SBA loan default can be terrifying. The SBA attorneys in our office are skilled at helping clients understand all the facets of their situation. We will advise you as to the potential for an SBA offer in compromise. You should never face your SBA loan problems alone. It is important to retain the services of an attorney who can help you through this difficult time in your life. Please contact us for a free initial consultation.

Patrick Clark of www.BloombergBusiness.com recently wrote an article critical of SBA lending to franchises based on a report by the Service Employees International Union, the labor group that’s been fighting to raise pay for fast-food workers. Clark notes that default rates for franchises hovers around 20%.

Clark writes "John Reynolds, president of the International Franchise Association Educational Foundation, says the union was “cherry-picking” data, and that the focus should be on the tens of thousands of franchisees who used SBA loans to successfully expand their businesses and add jobs to the U.S. economy. “I think [the SEIU] have an agenda that’s focused around casting doubt or criticism on the fundamentals of the franchise model..."

Based on Protect Law Group's research and analysis, a 20% failure rate seems accurate. It has been well documented that certain franchises, such as Quiznos, have extremely high default rates. In our discussions with SBA lenders, a franchise is often a very rough road. For a small operator 80 hour weeks for $50,000 per year is a common life for a franchise owner of even a trusted brand such as Subway. The franchise fees, costs of buying supplies from franchisors, and lack of freedom often hamstring small franchisees. Larger franchisees who can operate multiple stores are often more successful.

Protect Law Group has helped dozens of failed franchisees settle their SBA related debt. We provide an in depth study of a particular franchise's default rates, the reason why and apply those facts and analysis to help our clients obtain a satisfactory compromise with the SBA.

You can read the complete article here.

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