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An SBA Offer in Compromise is a One-Time Opportunity to Settle Your SBA Loan

Many businesses of all sizes are struggling with debt. Both new and older troubled businesses have found that government legal action resulting from an SBA loan default magnifies their financial difficulties. An SBA loan foreclosure can also result in the loss of the owner's home and other personal assets.

The SBA is Being Criticized for Inadequate Loan Oversight

The Inspector General of the SBA (OIG) has criticized the SBA's oversight of lenders and called for tighter controls. To date, the OIG's aggressive pursuit of lenders, brokers and others has resulted in numerous indictments, convictions and hefty fines. OIG audits of lenders found that 44% of the reviewed loans had inadequate documentation.

A qualified attorney from the Protect Law Group is able to conduct a comprehensive audit of an SBA loan in order to determine if the lender committed fraud or if any regulatory deficiencies or other SOP violations took place. If this audit reveals regulatory mishaps, a petition can be submitted to the SBA (or any other federal agency holding the debt) that will disclose the findings of the audit and ask that any and all collection actions be terminated.

The goal is to show that the SBA debt is not "legally enforceable" so that the government will seek recovery from the fraudulent bank or lender. Because of the Federal Statute of Limitations, the sooner this audit is performed and action is taken, the better.

Don't Miss Your One-Time Window of Opportunity to Settle Your SBA Loan

At some point, a business owner with a past-due loan will receive an SBA demand letter. This letter will state that the loan will be referred to the Department of the Treasury unless an SBA Offer in Compromise is received within 60 days from the date of the letter. This is a one-time opportunity to settle the SBA loan for less than the amount that they say is owed.

The Tax Offset Program - An Unending Nightmare

The Tax Offset Program is employed by the Treasury to collect a defaulted loan balance. They will take any tax refunds, 15% of any federal benefits such as social security and garnish 15% of your net wages.

The attorneys at Protect Law Group have the knowledge and experience necessary to erase or settle your SBA debt. Don't delay. As a personal guarantor of this debt, your home is in jeopardy. Contact them today for a free case evaluation.

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