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SBA Office of Inspector General Releases Semi-Annual Report

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The Office of Inspector General (OIG) provides independent, objective oversight to improve the integrity, accountability, and performance of SBA and its programs. The SBA deals with  challenges in carrying out its mission. Challenges include fraudulent schemes affecting all SBA programs, significant losses from SBA loan defaults, procurement flaws that allow large firms to obtain small business awards, excessive improper payments, and outdated legacy information systems.
The Semi-Annual Report identified several incidences of borrower fraud or other malfeasance that resulted in criminal or other punitive actions.  SBA borrowers should take note and refrain from similar activities as it may result in criminal charges and eliminate any chance of an SBA offer in compromise. Download a copy of the Semi-Annual Report here: sar_fall_2016_publication_draft_-_508-1.
  • A business owner made a cash payment to a bank employee and submitted false tax returns to obtain an SBA business loan.
  • A company falsely represented and certified that it was a small business in order to compete for and obtain Federal small business set-aside contracts.
  • Individuals conspired to obtain a $2 million SBA-guaranteed loan by concealing the borrower’s extensive criminal history.
  • An individual prepared false financial statements in order to obtain over $4.86 million in SBA loans to refinance his failing businesses.
  • Individuals made false statements to a bank and SBA in order to secure an SBA economic injury disaster loan.
  • Individual assisted in preparing false tax returns which were used to fraudulently obtain SBA and non-SBA loans.
  • Individual submitted false information and documents to SBA in support of his disaster loan application. Proceeds of the loan were misused by paying for personal expenses, including a wedding in Cancun, Mexico.
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