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SBA Plan for Economic Growth, Fewer Instances of SBA Loan Default

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The Small Business Administration's newest boss Maria Contreras-Sweet recently provided her vision  for economic growth, indicating that the smallest businesses will be the mainstay of a new lending initiative.

Contreras-Sweet unveiled a new program the SBA hopes will get more smaller loans to entrepreneurs, primarily via its 7(a) program. Banks originate the loans and benefit from a federal guarantee against default of up to $5 million.

The SBA has been criticized for making too many larger loans and being less accessible to the smaller borrowers and also minorities and immigrants.

According to recent data, four out of five requests for loans from African and Hispanic Americans are for amounts of $150,000 or less, Contreras-Sweet said. With those statistics in mind, the SBA is introducing a new credit scoring system that will let banks make faster decisions on smaller financing requests, and with less paperwork involved. Moreover, the SBA hopes to increase the number of banks that lend through its guaranteed loan program.

"The time has come to reach out to all of our lending partners on small loans and bring new lenders into the SBA fold," Contreras-Sweet stated in a prepared statement.

New Model for Credit Scoring

The new credit scoring system that the SBA will use derives creditworthiness via personal and business credit.

"The SBA’s total credit score will make it easier and less time-intensive for banks to do business with the SBA," Contreras-Sweet said. "This model is cost-reducing and credit-based. It ensures that risk characteristics--not socio-economic factors--determine who is deemed creditworthy."

"By making the process quicker, cheaper, and more intutiive, these reforms will help existing lenders do more small-dollar lending," Contreras-Sweet said. The new scoring system will be available in July. SBA One will start early in 2015.

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