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Tips for Finding an Attorney After Receiving an SBA Offer in Compromise

When a person is facing legal issues because of an SBA loan default, finding legal help can be an intimidating prospect. Below are resources and strategies to help potential clients find the right lawyer after receiving an SBA demand letter.

Determine Which Type of Lawyer is Needed

Many lawyers focus their efforts on a certain area of law. Debt relief attorneys typically work in the consumer, bankruptcy or legal defense areas. It is normal for clients to not know exactly what they need when choosing an attorney. Although some lawyers work in a specific area, most work with those who have multiple problems. For example, when an attorney evaluates a client’s finances, they may suggest a Tax Offset Program rather than litigation. Similarly, a litigator may recommend bankruptcy.

Finding a Competent Lawyer

If a person needs a debt help lawyer to assist with an SBA loan foreclosure, they can start in the following places.

  • Referrals: If a client has used an attorney for previous cases, that lawyer can likely recommend a debt help firm. Friends, family and coworkers can also provide recommendations.
  • Legal directories: Clients can find a local lawyer in an online legal directory.
  • Prepaid plans: Many large employers offer legal plans, which refer clients to an attorney who offers a free evaluation and a reduced fee. Contact the employer’s HR department to find out if such a plan is offered.
  • Bar associations: Local and state bar associations typically provide lists of attorneys who work in certain legal areas. In large cities, bar associations sometimes hold clinics where potential clients can speak to attorneys about case specifics.

Finding a Debt Help Lawyer

Many debt relief attorneys offer free or low-cost consultations, and some hold meetings over the phone. Clients should be ready to discuss the SBA Offer in Compromise. A competent attorney will consider the client’s financial status before offering specific advice. During the initial meeting, the client should ask the lawyer which services are provided and what the costs will be. While it may be tempting to hire a debt settlement company, clients should consider that these firms are not staffed by lawyers and they cannot offer legal advice.

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