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Divorce Attorneys Need to Avoid This 1 SBA Loan Pitfall

By Alex Z | January 17, 2019

A settlement or judgement in a divorce does not absolve your client of liability on a defaulted SBA loan. 1. The Split The common situation exists where a husband and wife co-own a business and obtain an SBA backed loan.  Both parties sign a personal guarantee.  Some time later the marriage fails and the parties…

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Can’t Pay Your SBA Loan? Here’s How to Qualify for an SBA Loan Deferment

By Alex Z | January 14, 2019

How to Qualify for an SBA Loan Deferment Are you unable to pay off your SBA loan or need to decrease the amount you pay? It’s possible to get an SBA loan deferment. Here’s how to qualify. While half of all small businesses fold in the first five years, lots of businesses could be saved…

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By SBA Attorneys | January 13, 2019

What is the difference between a garnishment and an Administrative Wage Garnishment (AWG)? Garnishment allows a creditor to recover from a debtor through an attachment of property in possession of a third party, and wage garnishment is when that property consists of the debtor’s wages in the hands of his or her employer. https://sba-attorneys.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/challenging-administrative-wage-garnishment-notices-of-sba-debts-referred-to-treasurys-bureau-of-fiscal-service.mp4 Administrative…

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How to Refinance an SBA Loan Successfully

By Alex Z | December 11, 2018

If your SBA loan is now making it hard to operate your business, you may want to consider refinancing. Click here learn how to refinance an SBA loan. Each year, more than 627,000 new small businesses open their doors. Many of these businesses rely on loans from the Small Business Association (SBA) to fund startup…

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Getting a Business Loan for Your Small Business

By Alex Z | November 12, 2018

Are you considering getting a business loan for your small business? Do you already have one? Either way, it’s important to know the do’s and don’ts. Are you looking for a loan for your small business? If so, you’re in luck! Small business loan approval rates are on the rise, and more small business owners…

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Everything You Need to Know About SBA Loan Collateral and Personal Bankruptcy

By Alex Z | October 16, 2018

SBA Loan Collateral and Personal Bankruptcy: A Borrower’s Guide Did you know that personal bankruptcy doesn’t always mean you can walk away from your SBA loan? Here’s what you need to know about SBA loan collateral. Did you know that 50% of small businesses fail in their 5th year? The reasons could be different in…

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Everything You Need to Know About SBA Disaster Loans

By Alex Z | September 11, 2018

A natural disaster often strikes with little warning, impacting businesses physically, financially, and economically. Learn how SBA disaster loans can help. You don’t want to think about what might happen when disaster strikes. After all, your business is doing well. But when a natural disaster like Hurricane Harvey strikes, there may be a fallout in…

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SBA Loan Repayment Options: Federal Debt Issues & Strategies

By SBA Attorneys | August 9, 2018

  This blog article explains your SBA Loan Repayment options to address your problematic SBA loan. Also covered are ways to potentially get out of SBA loan default short of paying past due amounts and details about the federal government’s collection methods. Video Transcript The transcript of the video follows below for further review. This…

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What Can an SBA Loan Lawyer Do for You?

By Alex Z | August 9, 2018

  If you’ve got a loan secured by the Small Business Administration, but can’t pay it, you might want to see a lawyer ASAP. Click here to learn about what an SBA attorney can do for you. Video Transcript The transcript of the video follows below for further review. If you’ve got a loan secured…

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SBA Loan Default: Fraud By The Original Seller Of The Small Business

By SBA Attorneys | July 31, 2018

As a responsible party (stemming from an SBA Note or SBA Unconditional Guarantee) for an SBA loan default or SBA debt that has been transferred to the Treasury’s Bureau of Fiscal Service, you may want to consider challenging your liability for the alleged debt by investigating whether the original seller of the small business that…

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The Dangers of an Asset Dump and Buy-Back Strategy to Escape SBA Loan Debt

By SBA Attorneys | July 25, 2018

SBA Loan Debt: Asset Dump & Buy-Back Strategy Video Transcript   The Dangers of an Asset Dump and Buy-Back Strategy to Escape SBA Loan Debt There are some non-attorney loan workout companies out there that are actively promoting an asset protection plan for small businesses with troubled SBA loans wherein the small business transfers its…

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When Is It Time to Hire a Small Business Attorney?

By Alex Z | July 12, 2018

Having a business attorney is definitely a great idea when the time comes, but when is that time? Check out this article to find out when is the perfect time you should consider hiring a small business attorney now! Small Businesses and Small Business Attorneys Wondering if your company needs a small business attorney? Then…

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