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SBA Loan Repayment Options: Federal Debt Issues & Strategies

By SBA Attorneys | August 9, 2018

  This blog article explains your SBA Loan Repayment options to address your problematic SBA loan. Also covered are ways to potentially get out of SBA loan default short of paying past due amounts and details about the federal government’s collection methods. Video Transcript The transcript of the video follows below for further review. This…

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What Can an SBA Loan Lawyer Do for You?

By Alex Z | August 9, 2018

  If you’ve got a loan secured by the Small Business Administration, but can’t pay it, you might want to see a lawyer ASAP. Click here to learn about what an SBA attorney can do for you. Video Transcript The transcript of the video follows below for further review. If you’ve got a loan secured…

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SBA Loan Default: Fraud By The Original Seller Of The Small Business

By SBA Attorneys | July 31, 2018

As a responsible party (stemming from an SBA Note or SBA Unconditional Guarantee) for an SBA loan default or SBA debt that has been transferred to the Treasury’s Bureau of Fiscal Service, you may want to consider challenging your liability for the alleged debt by investigating whether the original seller of the small business that…

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The Dangers of an Asset Dump and Buy-Back Strategy to Escape SBA Loan Debt

By SBA Attorneys | July 25, 2018

SBA Loan Debt: Asset Dump & Buy-Back Strategy Video Transcript   The Dangers of an Asset Dump and Buy-Back Strategy to Escape SBA Loan Debt There are some non-attorney loan workout companies out there that are actively promoting an asset protection plan for small businesses with troubled SBA loans wherein the small business transfers its…

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When Is It Time to Hire a Small Business Attorney?

By Alex Z | July 12, 2018

Having a business attorney is definitely a great idea when the time comes, but when is that time? Check out this article to find out when is the perfect time you should consider hiring a small business attorney now! Small Businesses and Small Business Attorneys Wondering if your company needs a small business attorney? Then…

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Personal Guarantees on Business Loans: What The SBA Wants You to Know

By Alex Z | June 4, 2018

What You Need to Know About Personal Guarantees on Business Loans Is a personal guarantee a must for SBA loans? What if you don’t have assets to pledge? Here’s everything you need to know about personal guarantees on business loans and why one might be necessary if you’re hoping to get an SBA guaranteed loan.…

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How Can the Department of Treasury Garnish My Wages without a State Court Judgment?

By Alex Z | April 30, 2018

SBA Loans and Administrative Wage Garnishment Many SBA loan debtors are shocked to learn that the Department of Treasury does not need to obtain a judgment in state court before it garnishes your wages via administrative wage garnishment. Types of SBA Loans SBA has helped many business owners grow their business through providing funding when…

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Are SBA Loan Debts Dischargeable in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

By SBA Attorneys | April 14, 2018

Are SBA Loan Debts Dischargeable in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? Video Transcript The transcript of the video follows below for further review. Are SBA Loan Debts Dischargeable in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? The short answer to this commonly-asked question is – generally, yes.  But, there are significant risks that SBA business owners, SBA guarantors and SBA obligors…

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4 Common Questions About SBA Liens Answered

By Alex Z | April 2, 2018

As part of obtaining your SBA 7a loan you may have pledged your personal residence as collateral.  This seemed to be an afterthought to obtain your SBA loan.  However, once the business defaulted on the SBA loan, the SBA lien has become a huge headache. https://youtu.be/VOTYIUqNoHA This article answers the four questions homeowners have about…

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SBA Loan Programs: Which Ones Are Right for You And The Pitfalls Of Default

By Alex Z | March 8, 2018

Picking out of the Best SBA Loan Programs We take a moment to look at the biggest factors when choosing from well known SBA loan programs, and what you can do to help your business… and the risks you face in the event of default. SBA Loan Programs Of the top five reasons why businesses…

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Understanding the SBA’s Form 148, Unconditional Guarantee, and SBA Form 148L, Unconditional Limited Guarantee

By SBA Attorneys | March 5, 2018

  Required Guarantee Agreements and Collateral Documents for participating SBA Lenders originating 7(a) Loans and Certified Development Corporations issuing SBA 504 Loans. Video Transcript In order to secure SBA guaranteed loans originated by SBA 7(a) Lenders or SBA 504 debenture-guaranteed loans serviced by Certified Development Corporations (CDCS), the SBA issued the Unconditional Guarantee (Form 148)…

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How To Secure Small Business Loans with Bad Credit

By Alex Z | February 7, 2018

Have poor credit? Got a small business idea? Turns out, you can still get the funding you need. Discover how you can secure small business loans with bad credit The honest truth is this: having a bad credit score doesn’t mean it’s all over for you! If you’re an entrepreneur with a less-than-average credit rating,…

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