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Divorce Attorneys Need to Avoid This 1 SBA Loan Pitfall

A settlement or judgement in a divorce does not absolve your client of liability on a defaulted SBA loan.

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1. The Split

The common situation exists where a husband and wife co-own a business and obtain an SBA backed loan.  Both parties sign a personal guarantee.  Some time later the marriage fails and the parties split.  However, as part of a settlement or judgement, one party takes over the business and remains responsible for the SBA loan.

2. Mistake: The One Spouse is No Longer Responsible for the Debt in the Eyes of the Federal Government

The common mistake is assuming that because the marital settlement or divorce judgement states that one party is responsible for the SBA loan that the other spouse is absolved from liability.  However, unless you have obtained a release from the personal guarantee, the personal guarantee remains in effect as to your client.

More importantly, the federal government does not care what the settlement or judgement says.  Your client can seek indemnity form his or her former spouse as far as the SBA cares.  This means, for example, if your client and his or her spouse obtained a $500,000 SBA loan, and your client's ex-spouse thereafter takes over the business and responsibility for the loan and defaults - your client remains on the hook for the $500,000 loan because he or she signed a personal guarantee.

3. Now Your Client is Subject to Collection by the Federal Government

Your client can either pay the debt or risk submission to collection actions by the federal government.  Collection can include a myriad of tools including filing a law suit, foreclosure, administrative wage garnishment, federal benefit or salary offset and tax refund offset.  Your client may seek indemnity from his or her ex-spouse as a remedy, but while that process proceeds ... the government commences collection.

4. Your Client May be Able to Settle the Debt

Protect Law Group provides assertive representation of clients fighting the SBA and collection by the federal government.  Your client may settle his or her SBA debt with experienced legal representation.  Better yet, move in front of the problem and contact Protect Law Group to help release your client from the personal guarantee.

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