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How Do I Stop An Administrative Wage Garnishment?

You can stop an administrative wage garnishment by proving:

  • The debt is not enforceable against you
  • The amount of the debt is incorrect
  • An administrative wage garnishment would constitute a financial hardship


How Do I Stop An Administrative Wage Garnishment

How Do I Stop An Administrative Wage Garnishment

You Must Timely Request A Hearing On An Administrative Wage Garnishment

You will receive a notice from the Bureau of the Fiscal Service stating that the Treasury intends to garnish your wages. Thereafter, you must submit a hearing request prior to the date stated in the notice.  Moreover, if you fail to submit your hearing request timely, the Bureau of the Fiscal Service will issue an order to your employer to start garnishing your wages.  However, an order will not issue until you have had a chance to be heard but only if you submit your hearing request on time.

You Do Not Owe The Debt

You may present evidence and arguments proving that you do not owe the debt.  However, you must provide evidence as to why you do not owe the debt.  For instance, you may have been released from the debt by government agency that claims you owe the debt.  Likewise, you may have paid the debt in full.  You may have a myriad of legal defenses that prove you are not liable for the debt.

The Amount The Bureau of the Fiscal Service Claims Is Incorrect

Furthermore, you may owe some or part of the debt, but not the amount the Bureau of the Fiscal Service alleges.  As such, you may have records of payments you made towards the debt that show a lesser amount.  Or you may have evidence that the government sold certain collateral, which paid down the amount of the debt.  In any case, you will need to present evidence as to why Bureau of the Fiscal Service's claim is inaccurate.

The Administrative Wage Garnishment Would Constitute A Financial Hardship

In addition, you may claim that the proposed administrative wage garnishment would create a financial hardship.  However, you must submit a personal financial statement and supporting documentation.  The financial documentation must show that an administrative wage garnishment would not allow you to meet your basic living needs.  These needs include food, housing, utilities, transportation, medical care, and other living essentials.  It does not include such expenses as funding your 401k, your child's private school or college tuition, excessive housing costs, credit card debt and other expenses.

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