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Four Reasons To Choose Protect Law Group

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Four Reasons To Choose Protect Law Group

At Protect Law Group, we want to help you find solutions with SBA debt you need and deserve. With years of experience, our team can help you from start to finish, and we offer a variety of services to suit our client's needs. This blog explores four reasons to choose us, and we encourage you to read below to learn more about how we can help you with SBA debt. Contact us today!

Educated Attorneys 

Our attorneys are well-versed in their fields, and we have the knowledge and expertise to guide you along the way and represent you effectively. If you need to resolve your SBA debt, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!

Our Disciplines 

At Protect Law Group, we abide by six core principles that we believe can help resolve your SBA loan problems, including: 

  • Finance & Accounting 
  • Constitutional Law, Contract Law, Equitable Remedies, Federal Administrative Law, and  Procedure
  • Commercial Lending & Banking Law
  • Risk Management & Asset Exemption Protection
  • Bankruptcy Law
  • Negotiations 

Customer Experience 

We care about our customers first and foremost and when you work with us, we treat you like family. We want your experience with us to exceed your expectations, which is why our attorneys go the extra mile to ensure you are taken care of. 

Contact Us!

If you need an SBA debt resolution attorney, contact us today! We are happy for you to book a consultation call with us at your convenience, and we are eager to see how we can best serve your needs. If you have any questions or concerns, our customer service team is more than willing to lend a helping hand. 

At Protect Law Group, we understand the importance of handling SBA loan problems as efficiently as possible, and you can trust our team to help you resolve your SBA debt. Contact us today, and you won’t be disappointed!

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Why Hire Us to Help You with Your Treasury or SBA Debt Problems?

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Millions of Dollars in SBA Debts Resolved via Offer in Compromise and Negotiated Repayment Agreements without our Clients filing for Bankruptcy or Facing Home Foreclosure

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Millions of Dollars in Treasury Debts Defended Against via AWG Hearings, Treasury Offset Program Resolution, Cross-servicing Disputes, Private Collection Agency Representation, Compromise Offers and Negotiated Repayment Agreements

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Our Attorneys are Authorized by the Agency Practice Act to Represent Federal Debtors Nationwide before the SBA, The SBA Office of Hearings and Appeals, the Treasury Department, and the Bureau of Fiscal Service.



The client was personally guaranteed an SBA 7(a) loan to help with a relative’s new business venture.  After the business failed, Treasury was able to secure a recurring Treasury Offset Program (TOP) levy against our client’s monthly Social Security Benefits based on the claim that he owed over $1.2 million dollars.  We initially submitted a Cross-Servicing Dispute, but then, prepared and filed an Appeals Petition with the SBA Office of Hearings and Appeals (SBA OHA).  As a result of our efforts, we were able to convince the SBA to not only terminate the claimed debt of $1.2 million dollars against our client (without him having to file bankruptcy) but also refund the past recurring amounts that were offset from his Social Security Benefits in connection with the TOP levy.



Small business sole proprietor obtained an SBA COVID-EIDL loan for $500,000. Client defaulted causing SBA to charge-off the loan, accelerate the balance and refer the debt to Treasury's Bureau of Fiscal Service for aggressive collection. Treasury added $180,000 in collection fees totaling $680,000+. Client tried to negotiate with Treasury but was only offered a 3-year or 10-year repayment plan. Client hired the Firm to represent before the SBA, Treasury and a Private Collection Agency.  After securing government records through discovery and reviewing them, we filed an Appeals Petition with the SBA Office of Hearings & Appeals (OHA) court challenging the SBA's referral of the debt to Treasury citing a host of purported violations. The Firm was able to negotiate a reinstatement and recall of the loan back to the SBA, participation in the Hardship Accommodation Plan, termination of Treasury's enforced collection and removal of the statutory collection fees.



Client personally guaranteed SBA 7(a) loan for $350,000. The small business failed but because of the personal guarantee liability, the client continued to pay the monthly principal & interest out-of-pocket draining his savings. The client hired a local attorney but quickly realized that he was not familiar with SBA-backed loans or their standard operating procedures. Our firm was subsequently hired after the client received the SBA's official 60-day notice. After back-and-forth negotiations, we were able to convince the SBA to reinstate the loan, retract the acceleration of the outstanding balance, modify the original terms, and approve a structured workout reducing the interest rate from 7.75% to 0% and extending the maturity date for a longer period to make the monthly payments affordable. In conclusion, not only we were able to help the client avoid litigation and bankruptcy, but our SBA lawyers also saved him approximately $227,945 over the term of the workout.

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