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SBA SOP 50 51 3 – Classifying Loans in Liquidation

SBA SOP 50 51 3 is a very important standard operating procedure which needs to be understood by SBA debtors looking to resolve their SBA guaranteed debt.  We will be reviewing and commenting on this SBA SOP through a series of blog articles to give debtors knowledge as knowledge is power.

A.      When Loans Must Be Classified in Liquidation Status

An SBA Loan must be classified in liquidation status if any of the adverse events listed below occur:

  1. The loan is more than 60 days past due with no prospect of a deferment or a workout;
  2. A Third Party Lender or another senior lienholder has initiated a foreclosure action against collateral securing the loan;
  3. A lawsuit, which will adversely affect repayment of the SBA Loan, has been initiated against an Obligor;
  4. An Obligor has filed a voluntary petition in bankruptcy, or an involuntary petition in bankruptcy has been filed against an Obligor;
  5. The Borrower's business has been shut down or abandoned and the Obligors have not made other arrangements to repay the SBA Loan;
  6. Substantial collateral has been abandoned or is in danger of disappearing, losing its value, or being stolen;
  7. A receiver has been appointed by a court, or some other action has been initiated to liquidate the collateral or an Obligor's assets; or
  8. Any other circumstances that could substantially and adversely affect repayment of the SBA Loan.

B. When Loans Should Be Removed from Liquidation Status

SBA Loans should be removed from liquidation status and returned to regular servicing after three consecutive timely payments have been made pursuant to a written workout agreement, bankruptcy plan, reaffirmation agreement, assumption or other written agreement that cures the default.

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