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Steps For Achieving An SBA Offer In Compromise

Business owners who face financial difficulties could also face devastating effects. These effects could lead to foreclosure of their commercial property. For these business owners, this could cause damaging effects on their credit and prevent them from starting new ventures in the future. A local attorney could help them request a SBA Offer in Compromise today.

Why Should the Business Owner Use This Option?

This options allows the attorney to negotiate a settlement offer. The settlement offer is considerably lower than the total loan value. This makes it easier for the business owner to settle the debt. Since this action ensures recovery of the loan, most lenders will accept the offer based on the guarantee to pay this value in full. Business owners who wish to acquire this opportunity should take action as soon as they receive the SBA demand letter.

Evaluating the Ability to Pay

Before a SBA loan foreclosure, the business owner should hire an attorney. The attorney helps them to calculate a fair settlement. The value could equate to up to fifty percent of the total loan value. When this request is submitted to the lender, the borrower should provide documentation of their income to prove their ability to pay. If they choose to sale their commercial property, they could provide documentation about the sale to show their ability to pay the debt.

Settling Tax Debts

Business owners who are facing the effects of a loan default may also have overdue taxes. When this is the case, they also face seizure through the IRS of their assets. An attorney could also help them to enter into a Tax Offset Program. This could help them to acquire a settlement for their overdue taxes and eliminate these debts altogether. It is possible for them to acquire an installment plan to pay off overdue tax payments.

Business owners who experience financial difficulties could face defaults and foreclosure. These effects could present a damaging effect on their credit and disqualify them for more government-backed loans in the future. Business owners who are facing a SBA loan default should contact an attorney today to acquire more information about their options.

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