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What Business Owners Should Know An SBA Offer In Compromise

Small businesses that are facing financial difficulties need help through legal services. These opportunities could prevent them from losing their business location and possibly their machinery used by their company. When serious delinquencies arise, these businesses have the opportunity to acquire an SBA Offer in Compromise.

Avoiding a Foreclosure Due to Default

After the company defaults, the business owner could face foreclosure. This legal process allows the lender to seize the property financed by the loan. If the process continues, the lender will auction the property off and collect through the sale. If they don't recover the full balance of the loan, the lender could file a claim against the borrower through the court. For this reason, the borrower must take action as soon as an SBA loan default begins.

What are the Effects of a Loan Default?

A loan default gives the lender the right to collect the collateral immediately. Once they collect the collateral, the foreclosure or repossession of the property appears on the borrower's credit report. This listing could lead to a reduction in the credit score. A lower credit score could prevent the borrower from starting new lines of credit. This includes new loans to recover from any financial losses. Once the borrower receives the SBA demand letter these circumstances are immediate.

How to Acquire an SBA Offer in Compromise

The first step is to approach an attorney. The attorney evaluates the SBA loan documentation to determine if the terms of the loan are predatory. They determine if it is possible to acquire a loan modification first. If this action could settle the issue, the attorney continues with the process. However, if it is necessary to arrive at a settlement, the attorney submits the application for the offer in compromise to prevent an SBA loan foreclosure.

Small business owner evaluates opportunities to avoid foreclosure by consulting an attorney. An attorney could help them evaluate opportunities to settle their SBA loan debt. Among these opportunities are loan modifications and an offer of compromise. These actions reduce the negative impact of a default and prevent further financial damage for the business owner. Any owners who need a Tax Offset Program or additional help should contact an attorney now.

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