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An SBA Offer in Compromise Could Settle a Loan Default

A loan guaranteed by the Small Business Administration can open a lot of doors for a business. They could use the funds to purchase real estate, equipment or even to finance their debts. Unfortunately, because this economy is still not completely back on track following the recent recession, it's quite possible a company will run into problems paying their SBA loan. Although it might be possible for a business owner to negotiate a settlement after they receive an SBA demand letter, it could be much easier to manage with the help of an attorney.

SBA loan default is a serious matter and each case is as different as every business that uses this loan program. Default could result in SBA loan foreclosure or seizure of business or even personal tax refunds through the Tax Offset Program. Neither of these options are going to be very appealing to a business owner who is struggling to keep their company afloat. The first step a business owner should take when they are faced with this situation is to find an attorney who has enough experience in this area to analyze each case individually and devise a solution that could benefit the business owner and the SBA.

Any business owner who has defaulted on an SBA loan can send an SBA Offer in Compromise to attempt to settle the debt. The SBA carefully evaluates each request for this type of loan forgiveness and if there are any errors, omissions or misrepresentations, the application is likely to be denied and the business owner will have to find another way to resolve the debt. Instead of going through this process alone, an entrepreneur might have a much better chance of success if they work with an attorney who has a proven track record.

This is not something business owners need to handle alone. Getting professional help is essential to having a favorable outcome in this complicated debt situation. Once an entrepreneur knows what they want to get out of the process, they should contact an attorney to give them the best chance of getting something close to that result.


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