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How Can An SBA Offer In Compromise Help You?

Small business owners could acquire assistance through local attorneys. This assistance could prevent them from suffering through financial ruin. It presents them with the opportunity to gain an SBA Offer in Compromise. These options could eliminate the possibility of seizure and foreclosure.

What Could Happen After a Business Owner Defaults on Their Loan?

An SBA loan default occurs when the borrower is more than ninety days delinquent on their loan. After the loan is in default, the lender has the right to begin the seizure of the identified collateral. The collateral is any property or assets used to secure the loan. It is primarily the building or machinery that was purchased through the funds provided by the loan.

A default could also lower the borrower's credit score. This could make it difficult for the company to acquire new lines of credit. It could make it impossible for them to acquire a low-interest loan for business purposes.

When Should the Owner Take Action?

Once the borrower acquires the SBA demand letter, they must take immediate action. Any failure to take action could lead to negative legal action. This could include the foreclosure of the property or a lawsuit to collect the full balance of the loan.

The borrower should contact an attorney to evaluate their options. The attorney could determine if an SBA offer of compromise is possible. This opportunity could allow the borrower to pay a small value without suffering the negative consequences of default.

What are the Effects of Foreclosure?

An SBA loan foreclosure could lead to the end of the company. If the business owner loses their property through foreclosure, it is not likely that they will receive another loan. This could prevent them from reopening their doors after the settlement offer is accepted.

Local small business owners need help reducing the negative impact of a default. An attorney helps them with these opportunities by determining if an SBA offer in compromise is available to them. This opportunity could reduce the full value of the loan and make it more affordable. Business owners who wish to enter into a Tax Offset Program or acquire an offer in compromise should contact an attorney now.

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