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San Diego Businesses May Take Advantage of New Small Business Reorganization

The rapid deterioration of the American job market (and the world job market) will make it tough on San Diego businesses in the coming months.  The new Chapter 11 Subchapter V bankruptcy may provide an easier solution for small businesses.  A small business reorganization may save your business.

A Bleak Employment Picture



No matter how you slice it, the employment picture does not bode well for small businesses.  With people out of work, less money will be spent in the economy and at your business.  Unfortunately, this will further negatively affect employment.  Even with the Payment Protection Program and various deferments, the situation does not look good for small businesses.  For many small businesses, an SBA 7a or 504 loan consists of the main debt obligation.  Without a small business reorganization, the lender and / or the SBA can attempt to collect.

What If Your Business Falls on Economic Hard Times?

Like many businesses, your business may be facing a downturn.  The options may seem few.  Lending programs, like the SBA's Disaster Loan program, may help but serve to add debt to an existing debt problem.  The regular Chapter 11 bankruptcy provides protection from creditors while a business reorganizes its debts, but it remains a costly and time-consuming option.  If the situation exists as too dire, your business could just shut its doors.  But, as a small business owner, you may still owe on your business debts as a personal guarantor.  For instance, you will remain personally liable on an SBA loan even if your business closes its doors.

The New Chapter 11 Subchapter V Bankruptcy Provides a Streamlined Process For Reorganizing a Small Business

The new Chapter 11 bankruptcy went into effect in February of 2020.  As such, a small business whose main debt consists of an SBA loan may use the new bankruptcy to reorganize the debt.  Therefore, a bankruptcy reorganization may enable your small business to quickly and efficiently restructure its SBA debt.  By reorganizing the debt, your small business may reduce its monthly debt obligation to coincide with its cash flow.  A reorganization bankruptcy would allow your small business to continue operating.

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