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7 Essential Tips for Finding the Best SBA Protection Law Group

Finding the right SBA attorney can be a difficult task. Click here to learn some essential tips for finding the right SBA protection law group.

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7 Essential Tips for Finding the Best SBA Protection Law Group

Finding the right SBA attorney can be a difficult task. Click here to learn some essential tips for finding the right SBA protection law group.

Finding the Best SBA Protection Law Group

One of the biggest nightmares a small business owner can come to face is defaulting on the SBA loan. Unfortunately, because nearly 50 percent of all small businesses fail within the first five years of operation, it's not incredibly uncommon to find yourself living this nightmare.

Fortunately, you aren't without hope. SBA protection law groups exist to help people exactly in your position. They can defend you against SBA lawsuits and wage garnishments, which would be devastating in your personal and professional life.

However, finding the best and most competent SBA protection law group is vital to your success, and perhaps, the survival of your small business.

How to Find the Best SBA Protection Law Group

The question that you face, however, is how to go about finding an SBA protection law group that's right for you. Instead of leaving up to chance or going with the very first law group you find, take a moment to do some due diligence to ensure the best possible outcome for you and your business.

1. Ask Your Friends, Family for Suggestions

First, as this is a highly personal matter, start your search from within your inner circle of trust for advice. This includes close friends, family members, and even business associates. While it may be somewhat embarrassing or shameful to admit to people that your business is going under, remember the statistic from above - you're not alone.

Additionally, for all you know, one of these people whom you trust to ask for advice may have some solid words of wisdom. In fact, they may have gone through the same experience and have an attorney or law group whom they'd recommend. You may have to swallow your pride, but you must learn to ask for help.

2. Ask for Recommendations on Social Media

If you can't get anywhere by asking those closest to you, it may be beneficial to turn to social media. Once again, it will take swallowing your pride, but you can ask your entire following on Facebook or Instagram if anyone has an SBA law group they'd recommend.

Finally, Facebook has several community pages for local areas used for buying, selling, trading, and sharing information. While it may not be your first choice, you can always go to one of these pages and ask your local area at large for recommendations

However, be prepared for the entire city to know your business. If you use your personal profile rather than your business profile to ask for recommendations, you can protect your business's reputation and avoid people forever associating your business with your post.

3. Look Up Reviews and Testimonies Online

If going public with your questions on social media or even within your group of trusted friends and family members isn't an option, you can opt to do some research yourself. Use common search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo to look up SBA protection law groups in your area.

You should be able to find various review services and websites that monitor local and national businesses. However, you can also check the law groups' websites and check for reviews and testimonials. Law groups commonly post what their clients have to say about their services.

Additionally, many law groups have social media profiles, as well as a website. This is another great source to check for reviews, testimonials, case results, and recommendations.

4. Experience

Depending on the issues you're facing and how it may impact your life, you may opt to go with the most reputable and experienced SBA protection law group. However, it's important to know what an SBA attorney can do for you. There are no magical fixes, but the right law group can greatly improve your circumstances.

Also, keep in mind that the most credible and experienced attorneys often come with bigger price tags. You pay for the assurance that your case will be handled by the most capable hands. Finally, if you are going with a popular law group, you may not have as much of their time and attention as you'd like.

5. Cost

Speaking of costs, the SBA protection law group that's right for you may be the one that matches your budget. If your business is in the red and you're getting harassed by the SBA loan holder, odds are, you're not in a great financial position. Make sure the law group you hire will work with you on payments and not be another financial stressor in your life.

6. Connection and Communication

Next, one of the biggest complaints people have about the attorneys they've hired is their lack of communication. While it's not their job to be a consoling voice in your head 24 hours a day, there's a level of expected communication they should adhere to. This is a big deal and a lot of your future depends on the outcome of this case.

When choosing an SBA protection law group, schedule a consultation with them to see how you connect with your potential attorney. If you get the feeling that you're an inconvenience to them or that they're too busy for you, find someone else. You should have a good rapport with whoever you choose to represent you.

7. Availability

Finally, even if you find an SBA protection law group whom you deem to be perfect, if they don't have time or room for your case, you have no choice but to find someone else.

In most SBA lawsuit cases, time is of the essence. You can't necessarily put everything on ice waiting for the law group you want to find some availability in their schedule. To prevent things from going from bad to worse, get on top of it soon rather than later.

See if We're a Good Fit

If you're facing an SBA loan lawsuit or about to have your wages garnished, don't hesitate to seek help. Contact us today for a free case evaluation and see if our SBA protection law group is a good fit for you! We'll put you on the right track to getting your personal and professional life back in order.

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Millions of Dollars in SBA Debts Resolved via Offer in Compromise and Negotiated Repayment Agreements without our Clients filing for Bankruptcy or Facing Home Foreclosure

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Clients personally guaranteed SBA 504 loan balance of $750,000.  Clients also pledged the business’s equipment/inventory and their home as additional collateral.  Clients had agreed to a voluntary sale of their home to pay down the balance.  We intervened and rejected the proposed home sale.  Instead, we negotiated an acceptable term repayment agreement and release of lien on the home.



Client personally guaranteed SBA 7(a) loan for $350,000. The small business failed but because of the personal guarantee liability, the client continued to pay the monthly principal & interest out-of-pocket draining his savings. Client hired a local attorney but quickly realized that he was not familiar with SBA-backed loans or their standard operating procedures. Our firm was subsequently hired after the client received the SBA's official 60-day notice. After back-and-forth negotiations, we were able to convince the SBA to reinstate the loan, retract the acceleration of the outstanding balance, modify the original terms, and approve a structured workout reducing the interest rate from 7.75% to 0% and extending the maturity date for a longer period to make the monthly payments affordable. In conclusion, not only we were able to help the client avoid litigation and bankruptcy, but we also save him approximately $227,945 over the term of the workout.



Clients personally guaranteed an SBA 7(a) loan that was referred to the Department of Treasury for collection.  Treasury claimed our clients owed over $220,000 once it added its statutory collection fees and interest.  We were able to negotiate a significant reduction of the total claimed amount from $220,000 to $119,000, saving the clients over $100,000 by arguing for a waiver of the statutory 28%-30% administrative fees and costs.

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