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Can you stop an administrative wage garnishment once it starts?

Yes, you may stop an administrative wage garnishment once it starts. If you did not have a hearing, have new evidence or changed finances it may stop.

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Can you stop an administrative wage garnishment once it starts?

Yes, you may be able to stop an administrative wage garnishment once it starts.

Stop Administrative Wage Garnishment

How Does An Administrative Wage Garnishment Start?

The Treasury will send you a notice of its intent to order an administrative wage garnishment.  Thereafter, you can request a hearing.  The hearing is usually a "paper hearing".  This means you do not appear personally. Instead, you submit a legal brief and supporting evidence.  However, if you fail to request a hearing timely, the Treasury will issue an administrative wage garnishment order to your employer.  Similarly, if the hearing is held and the hearing officer finds in favor of the government, your wages will be garnished.

Submit A Late Hearing Request

Once the administrative wage garnishment starts, you may stop it in limited circumstances.   As stated, if you fail to submit your hearing request, the administrative wage garnishment order will issue.  However, you can still submit a hearing request late.   Thereafter, if a hearing officer does not make a decision within 60 days, the administrative wage garnishment will be suspended.  The suspension will go into effect on the 61st day after your hearing request.

You Obtain New Evidence

If you did request a hearing and the hearing officer ruled against you, you may obtain a new hearing if you obtain new evidence.  However, the government will not provide you with a new hearing simply because you disagree with the hearing officer's initial decision.  Instead, you must have obtained new evidence that would exonerate you from the administrative wage garnishment.

Your Financial Situation Changes For The Worse

If your wages are subject to garnishment but your financial circumstances change, you may qualify for a financial hardship exemption.  For instance, at the time of the original hearing your spouse may have been employed.  But in the interim, your spouse suffered a lay off and remains unemployed, cutting your household income in half.  As such, you may request a new hearing based on the financial hardship the garnishment now causes as you can't meet your basic living expenses.  Keep in mind, you will have to provide financial documentation to prove the garnishment constitutes a financial hardship.

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