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Credit Report Dispute When the SBA Reports a Defaulted Loan

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Credit Report Dispute When the SBA Reports a Defaulted Loan

You discovered that the SBA reported a defaulted loan on your credit report. Read on to learn more about how to dispute your credit report.

Dispute Credit Report

You Should Review Your Credit Report Annually

As part of your annual to do list, obtain a copy of your credit report to check for negative credit marks. If you obtained an SBA loan or signed as a personal guarantor on an SBA loan and the loan went into default, the SBA may report the default on your credit report.  To that end, federal law authorizes the SBA to report such defaulted debt to  credit reporting agencies.  Experian, TransUnion and Equifax comprise the three main credit reporting agencies.

A defaulted loan will negatively affect your credit score, make lenders unlikely to lend to you for purchases such as a car or house or it will make those purchases much more expensive in the form of a higher interest rate.

Negative Reporting by The SBA May Be Removed

You Need Evidence

In certain circumstances, you can force the removal of a negative credit mark.  However, you need to prove that the defaulted debt must be removed.  For instance, common reasons for removal of a negative credit reporting include the following:

  • You are not liable for the debt
  • The law considers the debt obsolete (too old for reporting)
  • The SBA made a mistake as to your identity
  • Your identity was stolen

In any case, you must obtain and provide evidence that shows why the negative credit reporting should be removed.  Simply writing a letter asking the credit reporting agencies to re-investigate fails in accomplishing your goal more often than not.

File a Credit Report Dispute with the Credit Reporting Agencies

Again, simply writing a letter to the credit reporting agencies is not likely to accomplish much.  An effective letter includes evidence and explains why the evidence exonerates you and dictates removal of the debt on your credit report.

Unfortunately, telephone disputes fail to create an adequate record for future use.  Moreover, although federal law requires the nationwide credit reporting agencies to maintain a toll-free number for consumers, telephone access is not always consistent.  Equifax, TransUnion and Experian paid a total of $2.5 million to settle charges by the FTC that they failed to meet legal requirements for telephone access.

Moreover, internet disputes make a dubious remedy as well.  When a consumer makes a dispute through a nationwide credit reporting agency website, the website confides consumers to a "check-box" dispute form.  This provides the credit reporting agencies with defenses premised on the lack of detail in a dispute.  Furthermore, online disputes make documentation of your disputed file difficult.

In addition to including your evidence, your written dispute needs to be clear, complete and unambiguous.  Furthermore, suggest steps for the re-investigation.  Lastly, your steps should be aligned with federal law and federal regulations.

What If My Credit Report Dispute Fails?

If the SBA or the credit reporting agencies refuse to remove the debt, you may still have rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act and other laws and may be able to pursue litigation.  Contact a local attorney familiar with this type of law.   You have the ability to file a complaint with the government and ask the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to investigate on your behalf, as well.

How Can Protect Law Group Help?

Our experienced, federally authorized attorneys will aggressively pursue your rights.  Protect Law Group takes a systematic, proven approach to your credit report issues regarding SBA loans.  Protect Law Group first investigates your claim and determines whether grounds exist to dispute your credit report.  If our investigation reveals evidence that exonerates you from the debt or requires removal of the negative credit mark, our skilled attorneys will draft your re-investigation letter with applicable documentation and evidence.  Lastly, if the credit reporting agencies, SBA or other federal agency refuse to remove the negative credit mark in light of the evidence, our attorneys will draft a complaint to be filed with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on your behalf.

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