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Demystifying SBA Lien Release: What Borrowers Need to Know

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Demystifying SBA Lien Release: What Borrowers Need to Know

Dealing with SBA debt can be a daunting task for borrowers. One aspect that often causes confusion is the process of SBA lien release. In this blog, our team at Protect Law Group aims to demystify the SBA lien release process and provide borrowers with the information they need to navigate this crucial aspect of their SBA debt.

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What Is SBA Lien Release and Why Does it Matter?

SBA lien release is the process by which the SBA removes their claim on a borrower's assets, such as a home or business property, that were pledged as collateral for the SBA-guaranteed loan. This step is crucial for borrowers looking to regain control over their assets, as it ensures that the SBA no longer has a legal claim on the property.

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Factors Influencing SBA's Decision to Release a Lien

The SBA considers several factors when deciding whether to release a lien. These include the value of the property, senior liens, and the potential recovery in a forced sale. Borrowers must understand these considerations to present a compelling case for lien release.

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Approaching and Negotiating Lien Release

When seeking a lien release, borrowers should approach the SBA with a well-prepared case that highlights the equity in their assets and the potential for a fair settlement. It is essential to gather documentation and evidence that supports your position and demonstrate your willingness to resolve the debt.

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The Role of Legal Representation

Engaging legal representation is crucial to facilitate smoother lien release procedures. SBA loan attorneys specialize in navigating complex debt situations, negotiating with the SBA and lenders, and protecting borrowers' interests. They possess the knowledge and experience necessary to advocate for borrowers effectively and prevent potential abuses by the SBA or lenders.

Understanding the SBA lien release process is vital for borrowers seeking business debt relief and SBA loan help. Seeking guidance from experienced SBA loan attorneys ensures borrowers have the support and expertise needed to navigate the complexities of SBA lien release successfully. Take proactive steps today to protect your assets and secure a brighter financial future by partnering with Protect Law Group. 

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Clients personally guaranteed SBA 7(a) loan balance of over $300,000.  Clients also pledged their home as additional collateral.  SBA OIC accepted for $87,000 with full release of lien against home.



Client personally guaranteed SBA 7(a) loan for $350,000. The small business failed but because of the personal guarantee liability, the client continued to pay the monthly principal & interest out-of-pocket draining his savings. Client hired a local attorney but quickly realized that he was not familiar with SBA-backed loans or their standard operating procedures. Our firm was subsequently hired after the client received the SBA's official 60-day notice. After back-and-forth negotiations, we were able to convince the SBA to reinstate the loan, retract the acceleration of the outstanding balance, modify the original terms, and approve a structured workout reducing the interest rate from 7.75% to 0% and extending the maturity date for a longer period to make the monthly payments affordable. In conclusion, not only we were able to help the client avoid litigation and bankruptcy, but we also save him approximately $227,945 over the term of the workout.



Client personally guaranteed an SBA 7(a) loan for $150,000. His business revenue decreased significantly causing default and an accelerated balance of $143,000. Client received the SBA's Official 60-Day Notice with the debt scheduled for referral to Treasury’s Bureau of Fiscal Service for aggressive collection in less than 26 days. We were hired to represent him, respond to the SBA's Official 60-Day Notice and prevent enforced collection by Treasury and the Department of Justice. We successfully negotiated a structured workout with an extended maturity date that included a reduction of the 14% interest rate and removal of substantial collection fees (30% of the loan balance), effectively saving the client over $242,000.

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