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What You Need To Know About Bankruptcy and SBA Loans

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What You Need To Know About Bankruptcy and SBA Loans

Are you a small business owner struggling with the weight of SBA loans? We understand the challenges you're facing and want you to know that there's a lifeline available: the SBA Debt Relief Program. At Protect Law Group, we're dedicated to being your best debt relief partner, providing small business debt relief and debt relief help that truly makes a difference. See what we can do for you by contacting us today!

Our SBA Services

Understanding SBA Debt Relief

The Small Business Administration's Debt Relief Program was designed to ease the financial burden on struggling entrepreneurs. If you're in a situation where bankruptcy seems inevitable, it's crucial to explore this option first. SBA Debt Relief works by covering a portion of your SBA loan payments, giving you room to breathe and regain financial stability.

Small Business Debt Relief That Puts You First

Navigating the complexities of SBA loans and potential bankruptcy can be overwhelming. That's where Protect Law Group steps in. Our team of experienced professionals specializes in SBA Debt Relief, ensuring you get the best debt relief advice tailored to your unique situation. We're not just another firm; we're your advocates, your partners, and your path to a debt-free future.

Your Partner in Financial Recovery

Bankruptcy might feel like a dark lonely path, but with Protect Law Group by your side, you're never alone. Our commitment to providing the best debt relief solutions means we'll guide you through every step of the process. We've helped countless small business owners find their way back to financial stability through the SBA Debt Relief Program, and we're here to do the same for you.

Taking the First Step

The uncertainty that comes with SBA debt and the possibility of bankruptcy can be paralyzing. That's why we encourage you to take action today. Reach out to Protect Law Group, and let us be your beacon of hope. Our team's expertise in SBA Debt Relief ensures that the moment you call us, you're taking a step toward a brighter financial future.

The journey to small business debt relief and overcoming the challenges of SBA loans begins with understanding your options. The SBA Debt Relief Program is a powerful tool that can save your business from bankruptcy. Protect Law Group is your trusted partner, providing expert debt relief help and support to guide you through the process. Don't wait — call us today, and let's work together towards a debt-free tomorrow.

Why Hire Us to Help You with Your Treasury or SBA Debt Problems?

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Millions of Dollars in SBA Debts Resolved via Offer in Compromise and Negotiated Repayment Agreements without our Clients filing for Bankruptcy or Facing Home Foreclosure

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Millions of Dollars in Treasury Debts Defended Against via AWG Hearings, Treasury Offset Program Resolution, Cross-servicing Disputes, Private Collection Agency Representation, Compromise Offers and Negotiated Repayment Agreements

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Our Attorneys are Authorized by the Agency Practice Act to Represent Federal Debtors Nationwide before the SBA, The SBA Office of Hearings and Appeals, the Treasury Department, and the Bureau of Fiscal Service.



Client personally guaranteed SBA 7(a) loan for $150,000. COVID-19 caused the business to fail, and the loan went into default with a balance of $133,000. Client initially hired a non-attorney consultant to negotiate an OIC. The SBA summarily rejected the ineligible OIC and the debt was referred to Treasury’sBureau of Fiscal Service for enforced collection in the debt amount of $195,000. We were hired to intervene and initiated discovery for SBA and Fiscal Service records. We were able to recall the case from Fiscal Service back to the SBA. We then negotiated a structured workout with favorable terms that saves the client approximately $198,000 over the agreed-upon workout term by waiving contractual and statutory administrative fees, collection costs, penalties, and interest.



Clients borrowed and personally guaranteed an SBA 7(a) loan.  Clients defaulted on the SBA loan and were sued in federal district court for breach of contract.  The SBA lender demanded the Client pledge several personal real estate properties as collateral to reinstate and secure the defaulted SBA loan.  We were subsequently hired to intervene and aggressively defend the lawsuit.  After several months of litigation, our attorneys negotiated a reinstatement of the SBA loan and a structured workout that did not involve any liens against the Client's personal real estate holdings.



Clients personally guaranteed SBA 504 loan balance of $750,000.  Clients also pledged the business’s equipment/inventory and their home as additional collateral.  Clients had agreed to a voluntary sale of their home to pay down the balance.  We intervened and rejected the proposed home sale.  Instead, we negotiated an acceptable term repayment agreement and release of lien on the home.

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