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What To Expect When Acquiring A SBA Offer In Compromise

Small business owners acquire commercial loans to start their companies. These opportunities allow them to gain financing to purchase a location and merchandise needed to operate the business. When the owner can no longer manage this financial obligation, they need an SBA Offer in Compromise to avoid the negative impact of a default.

How Does an SBA Offer in Compromise Work?

Essentially, an SBA offer in compromise is a settlement offer. The small business owner submits an application with their lender to acquire approval. The lender evaluates the financial circumstances of the business owner and identifies a value that is fair and reasonable. This value is based on a percentage of the total value owed to the lender. Upon acceptance of this value, the business owner submits the payment as specified.

What Conditions Warrant a Settlement Offer?

An SBA loan default is the primary reason for seeking an offer in compromise. Once the loan is in default, the lender has the legal right to file a claim against the identified collateral. The collateral could include the building, machinery, and any inventory that was financed through the loan. If the borrower doesn't take action, the lender could seize the collateral and generate a major financial loss for the borrower. An SBA loan foreclosure is included in the available legal actions.

What Could This Option Prevent?

The borrower must hire an attorney to communicate with their lender. When hiring an attorney, the borrower must provide the SBA demand letter. The attorney discusses a possible settlement offer with the lender. In most cases, the lender will accept a lower value in order to settle the debt. Once it enters default, the lender may acquire a portion of the funds through an insurance settlement. When this is the case, it gives the borrower leverage over their case.

Small business owners need commercial loans to open their companies. These financing opportunities are available to any party that has a lucrative business venture. However, the mismanagement of their finances could lead to a default. When this happens, foreclosure is an almost certainty. Small business owners who need a settlement offer or to participate in a Tax Offset Program should contact an attorney now.

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