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What You Should Know About An SBA Offer In Compromise

Small businesses facing a loan default must take immediate action. A default could provide their lender with the legal right to seize all collateral used to secure the loan. This could include the building from which their company operates. Since these loans are backed by a personal guarantee and government funding, they require specific actions through an attorney. Local attorneys could help business owners acquire a SBA Offer in Compromise to settle their debt.

What to Do When You Receive the Demand Letter

The first step when the owner receives a SBA demand letter is to seek legal counsel. An attorney could provide clarity about effective strategies to prevent a complete foreclosure of their property. A foreclosure could generate a higher loss for the business owner. This could also destroy their credit and make it impossible to acquire a different property later.

Completing the Paperwork

The next step is to complete the paperwork for the SBA offer in compromise. These documents provide a legal request for the offer in compromise. The attorney calculates the total value in which the borrower could pay to settle the SBA loan default. These documents are filed through the court once the compromise is accepted.

The attorney could also provide assistance through a Tax Offset Program. This helps the business owner acquire a settlement offer for any overdue tax payments associated with their company. They can submit these requests at the same time as the offer in compromise request.

Working with an Attorney

The borrower should work with the attorney to acquire the most effective settlement. This could include closing the doors of their business and arranging the sale of the property. This could increase their odds of acquiring acceptance. It could also improve their ability to pay.

Lenders often accept these offers when the borrower can prove that they have the ability to pay the agreed upon value. This could prevent the likelihood of a SBA loan foreclosure and secure the borrower's credit.

Small businesses acquire government-backed loans to start new ventures. Unfortunately, select ventures may become unsuccessful. This could lead to a loan default and possible foreclosure. Business owners who need help should contact an attorney who could manage an offer of compromise for them today.

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