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What You Should Know About The SBA Offer In Compromise Program

Small business owners have access to financing that is guaranteed. This funding option helps them to acquire everything they need to start their business. This may include acquiring a property, inventory, or machinery for their business. However, businesses that are prospering may face financial issues due to delinquent loan payments. A SBA Offer in Compromise could provide them with an opportunity to reduce the repercussions for these failures.

What You Should Do When You Are Notified

The business owner receives a SBA demand letter when they are in default on their loan. The damage letter may require them to pay the entire balance of their account. To avoid immediate foreclosure of the property used as collateral for the loan, the business owner needs to contact an attorney. They should provide the attorney with the letter and any correspondences received from their lender. The business owner must take quick action when they have a SBA loan default. If they don't, the lender can foreclose on the property and destroy their credit.

Identifying the Right Percentage for the Offer

A SBA offer is a percentage of the total loan value. Since the loan is guaranteed by the Small Business Administration, the consumer may have some leverage. This guarantee ensures the lender that they will receive a portion of the loan. However, the consumer will be required to pay the remaining balance. By submitting a settlement offer, the business owner prevents the potential damage caused by foreclosure.

Avoiding a Foreclosure

A SBA loan foreclosure indicates that the lender has started the seizure process. They will place the property up for auction once they have possession. They sell it to the highest bidder. Any balance that is left over requires the borrower to pay off. If an attorney can acquire a settlement offer, the borrower avoids these consequences completely.

Small businesses need help when they are facing foreclosure. Once they are at least ninety-days delinquent, their lender can take legal action to take their property. The foreclosure process can have a lasting effect on the business owner and their ability to continue to operate their business. Company owners who need assistance with a settlement offer or Tax Offset Program should contact an attorney now.

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