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Handle an SBA Offer in Compromise With the Help of an Attorney

When a business is no longer sustainable and has debts it cannot fulfill, it may need help closing down as it cannot simply shut down and ignore the debts. If the business owner obtained an SBA loan for their business, they may receive an SBA demand letter asking for the amount paid in full. If the business owner cannot pay in full in a reasonable amount of time, they may want to look into an Offer in Compromise.

There are only certain circumstances in which an SBA Offer in Compromise will work. If the borrower is unable to make the full payment and the business has ceased with all assets liquidated, it might be possible for them to work out an Offer in Compromise with the SBA. However, this is not as simple as the remaining debt is forgiven and there are no other repercussions. It's always recommended for the business owner to speak with a tax advisor or a legal advisor before beginning something like this as it might not be the right path for them to take.

When a business owner is facing an SBA loan default or an SBA loan foreclosure, speaking with a lawyer can help them determine what all of their options are. If there are enough assets to pay off at least most of the business debts, they might be able to pay off the remainder over time and not be able to go through the Offer in Compromise. The lawyer will closely look at the business assets, debts, and other finances to see what the right steps to take will be for that particular business. The lawyer may also be able to look into other help for the business owner, like a Tax Offset Program, to help them fulfill all of the debts and finish closing the business properly.

Choosing to do an Offer in Compromise depends on quite a few factors surrounding the business's current financial situation and can be a good idea for some businesses. A business owner will want to speak with a lawyer to find out if it's the right step for their business or if there's an option that might be better for them. If you're closing a business and not sure how to handle your debts or are worried about an Offer in Compromise, contact a lawyer today for help.

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