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Identifying What Borrowers Receive Through The SBA Offer in Compromise

Small businesses could face serious financial issues that could lead to a SBA loan default. If this occurs, the lender is within their rights to file for a foreclosure. Once this begins, the business owner could face difficulty stopping it. A SBA Offer in Compromise could provide an opportunity to prevent the serious impact on the business owner's credit rating.

What is the SBA Offer in Compromise Program?

These offers are a settlement offered to the lender that is lower than the total outstanding balance. An attorney provides the borrower with an appropriate percentage to offer to the lender. They prepare the documentation of the settlement and submit to the lender. By representing the borrower, they help the business owner protect their business against further negative actions.

Reducing the Negative Impact

The first step for the business owner is to approach an attorney as soon as they receive the SBA demand letter. Once they receive the letter, they have a deadline assigned. The borrower must take action before this deadline or face immediate foreclosure. This could shut down their company entirely. It could also prevent them from acquiring a new business location in the future. Once the foreclosure occurs, the business owner is still responsible for the debt.

Negotiating A Settlement Offer

The attorney presents the settlement offer to the lender. They negotiate the settlement and may increase the percentage required. These loans are guaranteed by the Small Business Administration and require the business owner to submit a portion of the outstanding balance. The attorney works with the lender to determine a fair value and presents this value to the business owner.

Once the lender accepts the settlement, the remaining balance is written off. The attorney could help the business owner offset any additional taxes or fees. This could present the business owner with the most appropriate solution to stop the SBA loan foreclosure now.

Small business owners should take action when they receive a notification of default. A default gives their lender the right to file for a foreclosure and seize their property. For most small business owners, seizure could lead to a total shutdown of their business. Owners who need to acquire a settlement or Tax Offset Program should contact an attorney now.

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